How to make money Freelancing? $1000 on Fiverr

Freelancing is the best way to make money online as a startup. Nowadays to start any business you need some money. But what if you don’t have any money. you would like to understand “How to make money Freelancing?” that’s why you’re here. Taking the 1st step to start your career is most important. Hope you’re on the Right Track with me. in this blog, I’ll explain to you step by step how to get Start and if you have any problem you can visit my Youtube Channel for more Detail or contact me.

earn money with Fiverr

1: Don’t have any investment to start online Freelancing

if you don’t have any investment no issue at all. Because freelancing doesn’t require any investment. freelancing is the way where you can sell your soft skills online and earn quick active money. Right, it’s active money it’s not passive money like blogging or affiliate marketing. I’m saying it active way to earn because you need to stay present consistently to find a client and work hard even if you’re ill.

some freelancing platforms are totally free like Fiverr where you can create your online shop/gig for payment execution. and Fiverr will provide you 10 free Requests per day to send your proposal to your Clients.

and on the other hand, we have paid Freelancing platforms as well like Upwork/freelancer, etc. I had recently joined Upwork and I’ve done 1 project so far. to submit the request to your client on Upwork you need to buy Upwork connect that’s the virtual currency within the Upwork platform. you just can not submit a free proposal/request to your client directly. Actually, Upwork is playing his role here just to eliminate those sellers who are not serious to work with clients and they’re just sending their requests and proposals to clients just to have a conversation. and many more reasons as well. so if you’re interested in working with Upwork, join now and start making money with freelancing.

2: Identify your Skill

if you would like to start Freelancing and earn some money through it. you need to have 1 demanding skill. that could be better if it aligned with your interest otherwise you’ll get bored in your career.

Note in the freelancing domain you need to focus on soft skills means, you’ll be able to transfer your work to your client through the internet like software, design, content writing, online consultant/lecture, etc. if your client is living in another corner of the world you can not sell those types of skills like car mechanic or bike repair because the client can not send his/her car online for repairing. Hope you got my point.

if you have not found your skillset and you also have an interest in my skill (I’m selling my programming skills as a freelance trading bot developer). you can go to my main blog categories and learn about my skills more. otherwise, you can hire me as a teacher on Fiverr. I’ll teach you MQL4 or MQL5 or cAlgo programming language for trading bot development. goto my main page here and contact me on Fiverr,

how to make money freelancing
how to make money freelancing

3: Sale your Skill as freelancer

if you have already identified your skill then you’re good to go with a suitable platform. A few popular platforms are mentioned below


Choose a platform and set up your portfolio and profile. you need to understand the execution model of each platform differently. Because Fiverr does not work like Upwork and PeoplePerHour, on the other hand, TopTal works differently. on different platforms, clients have slightly different mindsets to deal with sellers because of the website execution Model.

make money with fiverr
make money with Fiverr

The execution Model refers, to how to receive an order on your profile? how to transfer your work to your client? how you’ll receive your payments?

There are 2 ways to make money freelancing

  1. work as a Seller
  2. work as a Middle Man

work as a Seller

you need to have 1 demanding skill. if you would work for your clients directly and that is the best choice as a beginner. when you got more clients and can not handle all of them at once then

work as a Middle Man

you can hire someone else as well to do your client’s job and you can earn commissions. you can either work as a middle man, on the one hand, find a client and on the other hand, find a seller who is offering his service you can charge 100% your client and pay 60% to your seller that way you can earn 40% commission doing nothing but just conversation in freelancing.

4: Setup Payment Method

if your profile is ready then you need to set up your payment method with your freelancing account. Payoneer & Bank Transfer or Paypal is the comment option on different websites.

Freelancing Payment

5: Find new Clients as freelancer

at this stage, if your profile is ready then that is the most important point throughout the whole process. this point will decide whether you’ll be a successful freelancer or not.

it depends upon 2 ingredients

  1. Marketing
  2. Good Communication Skill


there are different strategies you can follow

  • Run Google ads
  • Run Email Marketing & Collect your Email List
  • share your social media
  • use Linkedin Job Search
  • Send inside Fiverr Request
  • join Forums related to your service type
  • build backlinks

Good Communication Skill

it does not matter which situation you’re facing. The client paid less and asked for more work. if the client is abusive or not. if he/she blaming you for a mistake. you must not be abusive in any situation.

keep in mind client is always right to collect their feedbacks. and deal with them politely. focus on their problem-solving in the sense of help, if you would become a successful businessman don’t work for money work for to help your client’s life easy, solve their problems. Money will follow you as a resultant product. if you will try to chase money a lot. success will run away. stay consistent and positive-minded. and be polite. don’t spam your clients. if they know you are worthy, they will definitely hire you.

6: Don’t depends upon Freelancing Platforms

don’t depend upon Fiverr or Upwork or guru or any other website. you can use them at the beginning. they are just providing your payment security and a market place after all in the end they are just another website. if you fall for chasing ranking on these websites and maintaining fake badges. then one day when they block your account after 1 year or 2 or 3. it’ll be a heartbroken situation. you should build your own website and integrate a payment merchant with your websites like 2checkout or crypto payment Method. you can use Freelancing to collect some money for investment and then invest this money to build your passive income source for long-term sustainability.

Thank you for your time!

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