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1. Freelancing – topic

I’m going to share my experience throughout the last 2 years of my journey. I was an IOS Developer back then. one day I decided to quit the job and start my journey from the beginning as a freelancer. my 1st Fiverr account got banned after 4 months don’t know the exact reason why. then after 2 weeks, I created a new account on Fiverr and it also got banned after 2 weeks cause I already had an account with Fiverr and they don’t allow more than 1 account.
Right Now I’ve my 3rd account on Fiverr and it going well.

while facing difficulties I’ve learned a lot. I improved my communication, my marketing approach, and as well as my programming skills. Now I’m willing to share my experience with you if there is anything that can help you. I’ll be glad to share it.

Get started with these freelancing platforms, mentioned below

  • Fiverr
  • upWork
  • PeoplePerHour
  • Guru
  • Freelancer

some of them are beginner-friendly and some of them are paid, which means you’ve to pay some amount to submit a request or proposal to your clients. I personally started with Fiverr Because it provides us free 10 requests per day. which is a good sign, means Fiverr promotes new talent.

because Fiverr is supporting new talent that’s why from the client’s perspective seller quality is not as much higher as compared to Upwork. on Fiverr there are a lot of beginner sellers who are offering their services for low-budget clients. because of that fact, if you’re going to sell your service on Fiverr with good quality and expensive budget, you’re going to face some competition. But it does not mean that you’ll not find any high-paying clients, you’ll but not that much as compared to upwork.

Required Skills as a freelancer



work on your communication skills


Consistant Learning

consistent learning and cooperative attitude


Marketing Approach

market your skills in the right way
use Google ads, Targeted Email marketing, LinkedIn, post your proposals on multiple freelancing platforms as well.


Product quality

focus on your service/product quality. Good Service, Best quality, cooperative behavior always win

2. Forex Trading – topic

forex currency is a marketplace where people can trade existing Fiat currencies. basically, what do you do? you Buy Low and Sell high and get some profit and some time with the help of loan/leverage in Futures ideology you can make a profit by putting bet against the asset as well.

we have some major currencies, exotic currencies, and some minor currencies as well. later on, we’ll discuss them in detail. for now, I’m only interested in these currencies.

platforms required

these are the few popular platforms/software that most brokers use. choose one of them that is most secure according to you. and that’s easy to use and compatible with your personality. In the end, each platform is going to offer a similar asset to trade. some of them are outdated and some of them are more advanced.

  • MT4/MT5
  • cTrader
  • ninjaTrader
  • TradeStation

Choose your Strategy for Trading

After gaining basic knowledge in the forex market, Now you’re at a point. you just need to choose your trading style/approach/strategy. make some systematic rules/criteria and follow them consistently.

there are multiple different types of strategy in the market, I’m going to divide them into 4 different parts according to my knowledge

  • Martingale based strategies
  • Hedging based strategies
  • DCA based strategies
  • at a time only Single trade – focus on (Win:Loss – Ratio) (TP:SL – Ratio)


EUR is the main currency in most of the areas in Europe



GBP is the main currency in UK (United Kingdom)



AUD is the main currency in Australia



NZD is the main currency in New Zealand



USD is the main currency in USA



CAD is the the main currency in Canada