Freelancing and Trading bot

Freelancing and Trading bot

Hey, My name is Nabeel. I’m Developing bots as a Freelancer. You guys can learn how to do freelancing and develop bots. I’m developing bots since 2019. Hope my experience level would help my clients to grow.

Available Platforms ✅MT4 ✅MT5 ✅cTrader
➡ Development/Modification
➡ Consultancy

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Targeted Topics on this website

Sart Freelancing

if you would like to start your online business. Fiverr could be the better option for you as a startup. because you don’t need any investment to start the online business. you just need to improve your skills in a specific domain. like I’ve practised my skills in trading domain.
so this website could help you to get essential information about ‘How to start selling online?’ and ‘How to develop EA?’. use this skill in your online career.

Forex Trading

Currently, the forex industry is the largest in the world. why I’m telling you that you should learn to trade? cause it has no limit in scalability, you can increase your portfolio as much as you want. it doesn’t matter if choosed forex, stock, crypto or any other asset. you just need an tradeable asset that understand able fundamentally and technically. either you felt comfortable with currencies then choose forex industry otherwise choose stock or crypto etc.
in this website you will be able to consume info about forex trading, EA development, MT4/MT5, cTrader, TradeStation.

Cryptocurrency & Blockchain

I hope you are well aware of cryptocurrency, coin&token, NFT, Metaverse, web 3.0. there is lot going on in the industry. crypto adoption is on rise. i hope in future soon. lot of business will involve the crypto. we can enhance currently existing business with crypto payment. i basically don’t see the future with centralised finance system.
in this website you will be able to see the content on cryptocurrency , crypto
bot, blockchain.

Top Trading Platforms

➣ MT4
➣ MT5
➣ cTrader
➣ Tradestation
➣ ninja trader
➣ Tradingview

MQL4/MQL5 Language

mql4 and mql5 language for MT4/MT5 platform to develop EAs/indicators it’s not difficult at all.

cAlgo Framework (C# Language)

cAlgo is a framework build upon C# language. cAlgo uses for cTrader platform to develop EAs/indicators. and it’s very easy o use then MQL4/MQL5.


EasyLanguage is a programming language use to develop the expert advisor and indicators for TradeStaion platform.

How to Learn MQL4 Programming – Urdu